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Chest computed tomography. Bilateral bronchial wall dilatation/thickening was found predominantly in the lower lobe, with scattered nodular patchy airspace opacities and focal areas of mosaic pattern predominantly in the right upper lobe and bilateral tree-in-bud appearance.

Non-Classic Cystic Fibrosis: The Value in Family History

To the Editor: Since the advent of the Human Genome Project, opening doors to an era of genomic medicine, the family history has become a relevant and critical tool in individualized disease prevention. The family history has lasted through the years as a key component of history-taking in medical education. Yet it continues to be […]


Appropriateness: A Key to Enabling the Use of Genomics in Clinical Practice?

President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative is poised to generate genome sequence data from 1 million Americans. However, such data are not yet routinely used in clinical care. It is time to formulate strategies for clinical decision making and policy around genomic information. We argue that appropriateness can help bridge the evidence gaps that have opened between patients’ genomes […]


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